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Agejo (アゲジョ) is one of the many sub-styles of Gyaru. It is generally worn by, but is not exclusively limited to a hostess. The style is very glamourous and feminine, influenced by expressing a high level of sex appeal through the style and attitude.

This style originated as the style that was most often shown in the magazine 小悪魔 AGEHA - a popular magazine aimed at young women who love sexy and cute fashion, as well as those who work in the Hostess industry.

The style is often found more in older Gyaru, and rarely seen on young Gyaru due to the mature status of the style. Whilst Agejo is quite a revealing style at times, it remains very classy.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Big, intricate hairstyles. Curls and long hair are the most common.
  • Hair is often dyed to be light brown or dark blonde. Darker hair is also common.
  • Long nails, often with heavy deco
  • Gyaru makeup has very thick eyeliner on top and bottom, with thick lashes
  • Dolly-style circle lens, various colours are seen
  • Colour combinations of clothing is commonly Black X Pink/White/Purple
  • Lingere aspects such as showing a fancy bra, having garter stockings, and corset lacing.
  • Tight clothing, often dresses or skirts are worn and very short.
  • Brand-name bags and jewelry

Modern Agejo[]

Tumblr nihhyqrmui1rfwy9jo1 500.jpg

As a modern style Agejo still remains very true to its origins and design, with some slight evolution in the clothing brands that are favoured, as well as styles changing with the seasonal trends. There is still focus on some brands for Agejo Gyaru, MA*RS still being a very prominent brand for the style. There is a slight tone down in as much as an introduction of more pastel colours as an accompaniment to co-ords as well as frills and softer looking clothing.

Hairstyles for Agejo have developed to be softer and less intricate, although large hairstyles are still sometimes seen. Long flowing curls are common as is sometimes long straight hair. Nails are not as huge of a detail as they used to be, in terms of heavily deco nails are not as essential, and natural nails or french manicured nails are just as appropiate. Skin tends to be pale and tans are not a huge focus for this style of gyaru.

Agejo is one of the most popular of the gyaru styles in current times and is seen more frequently now than other gyaru styles.