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Amekaji, (アメカジ) which translates as 'American Casual', is a sub-style of Gyaru.

It is bright, colourful and inspired by the fictionized stereotypical idea of America. The style is very comfortable and casual, and has been noted to be particularly forgiving to Gyaru of all shapes and sizes as loose fitting clothing is appropriate.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Bold, brightly coloured prints
  • Cute patterns and slogan tees
  • Hats are often worn, such as baseball caps and beanies
  • Jeans, shorts and skirts are common. Dresses aren't seen often
  • Simple gyaru makeup
  • Tan ranging light to medium
  • Hair is often bleached to various shades of blonde
  • Flat shoes, such as sneakers or ballet flats

Modern Amekaji[]

Tumblr o110k9SsPc1s79ohmo1 1280.jpg

Amekaji is generally considered to be one of the more short lived styles of gyaru, and is not nearly as prominent today as it once was. There are still some gyaru who wear the style consistently but it is one of the lesser common styles of gyaru.

The style itself when worn, is still very true to its origins and still has much focus on bright colours, loud slogans and busy patterns.

In the rare instances of modern Amekaji, tans are not as focused or heavy as they once were and hair colours can be unnatural colours rather than just blonde. Makeup still remains quite simple in terms of gyaru, with lip colours often being bright to match the 'pop' of colour seen in the style. Shoes are still sneakers, flats, or sometimes boots.