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An example of the casual makeup of a Banba Gyaru.

Banba (バンバ) is a sub-style of Gyaru fashion which developed from Manba. It is sometimes referred to as Barbie Style, and it is considered the toned down version of Manba.

Neon colours are not really seen in this style and hair colours tend to be more toned down. Banba gyaru do have a tendency to wear a lot of glitter as part of their makeup but do not wear stickers on their face like Manba or Yamanba.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Hair is often bleached to be blonde or dyed brown.
  • Medium tan, sometimes darker tans are seen.
  • Long nails, oftentimes with decoration.
  • Subtle more toned down Manba makeup.
  • Dolly-style circle lens, various colours are seen.
  • Clubwear.

Modern Banba[]

Pictured is a modern Banba Gyaru.

Banba is a near-extinct sub style of gyaru, with a very small amount of gyaru, primarily in japan, still wearing Banba.