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Decoden, also written as Dekoden, is a term for a style of decorating accessories. The term “deco” is intuitively short for decorated and “den” is short for “denwa” meaning “phone” in Japanese, however the trend of Decoden does not stop at just phones. Many are known to heavily decorate handheld consoles, mirrors, lighters, trinket boxes and much more.

Decoden involves decorating items with flat-backed craft items such as rhinestones, resin pieces, bows, cabochons, pearls, stickers, studs and much more. The initial effect is a very 'over the top' style, and can be colored in any color or follow a theme, or alternatively just be a random assortment of decorations.

Decoden In Gyaru[]

Decoden is a huge part of Gyaru fashion, with many of the sub-styles involving themselves with having heavily decoden-styled phones and nails. The nails are particularly a huge element of Gyaru fashion, where long to extra long nails are decorated with all manner of things that range under Decoden, such as rhinestones, pearls, cabochons and stickers.

Although it is a huge part of Gyaru, not all Gyaru themselves are involved with Decoden, and some often seek online stores to buy pre-made Decoden items (such as phone cases) rather than making them.


Below are many examples of Decoden and the various things that can be decorated in this style.