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Black Diamond (2012)

Angeleek (2006)

A Gyaru Circle (ギャルサークル, or ギャルサー), also called a Gal-circle, Gal-Cir, Gal-Unit, Gyaru-sa or Gyarusa, is a group of Gyaru (and sometimes Gyaruo) who come together for meetups and events, as well as having their own online communities in which they communicate with one another. This allows the forming of friendships within the style, as well as opportunity for pictures and clothing swaps.

There are multiple active Gyarusa at present, however many old circles have died out and are no longer functioning. The most popular Gyaru Circle to date is Black Diamond, a gyaru circle operating in Japan, mostly in Shibuya.

Common activities for Gyaru Circles includes (but is not limited to) karaoke, shopping, purikura (and general photo taking) and going for food.

Unfortunately the dwindling activity of Gyaru Circles has led to the retiring of many circles and left the community with a very small amount that are still active. The reasons for this are multiple, but mostly can be linked to a drop in interest of Gyaru in the past few years. Hopefully with an increase of interest in Gyaru, we will eventually see the rise of Gyarusa once again.

Active Gyarusa[]

Inactive Gyarusa[]


  • Angeleek
  • Ganguro 3 Kyoudai
  • HЯK
  • Kleak
  • Seventy Two


  • 109 Degrees (East Coast, USA)
  • 10-Kyuto (Canada)
  • Agepoyo Honic (Italy)
  • Aloha Kitty-Klan (Canada)
  • Black Cherry (Chicago, USA)
  • BlackOut (Chicago, USA)
  • Boggy Peak (Germany)
  • Bulaklak (USA)
  • Candy Kitsune (France)
  • Cherry Gal (Texas, USA)
  • Chocopura (Finland)
  • Citrus Kiss (Florida, USA)
  • CoutureGals (Norway)
  • Delight (UK)
  • Devious (Norway)
  • Diamond (USA)
  • Di$tance (Finland)
  • Dollface (Chicago, USA)
  • Dream
  • Ebisu (France)
  • Estrella (USA)
  • Gael Gyaru (Ireland, UK)
  • Galuxury (Canada)
  • Genesis (Russia)
  • Hanabaki (Spain)
  • Himeberry (Germany)
  • Honeypop (Italy)
  • HYPER (Netherlands)
  • Hypergals (Netherlands)
  • Hysterical (Spain)
  • Ichigo Dreams
  • Kenashi (Spain)
  • Kirameki:Youth (UK)
  • Knockout (Minnesota, USA)
  • Kyadee Gal (Poland)
  • Love Damage (Germany)
  • Lovelipop (Sweden)
  • Macheeda Black (Maryland, USA)
  • Majikko (UK)
  • Mix & Match (New York, USA)
  • Neon (Chicago, USA)
  • Obsession
  • Paradise Pink (Maryland, USA)
  • Pearl (Germany)
  • Pink Marble (UK)
  • Project Q (Finland)
  • Queen E (UK)
  • ReGal (Netherlands)
  • SakuranBomb (Canada)
  • Shebooya (Netherlands)
  • shibuya ANGELS (Spain)
  • Status (Seattle, USA)
  • Suteki (Spain)
  • Sweet Revenge (Switzerland)
  • ViVACE (Finland)
  • Yasei (Spain)
  • WishFul (St. Louis, USA)