The Gyaru Wiki

Makeup is an important aspect of gyaru, with the styles of makeup varying by each style of gyaru. While each sub-style of gyaru has its look, there is not one way to achieve this look, and there is no set style for each sub-style.

Main Elements[]

  • Gyaru makeup is usually bolder and more dramatic than the usual styles of makeup seen in Japan.
  • False eyelashes, often large in size, are seen on the upper lash line, as well as many gyaru wearing false lashes along the bottom of their eyes.
  • Contact lenses are common, but not essential to the gyaru look.
  • Fake tan was a staple of the gyaru look, but is not a requirement in recent years, and many people leave this step out.
  • Eyebrows tend to be a light brown and straight in shape.
  • Lipstick is often kept neutral or of a pink shade, with many gals using a light concealer over their lips too.