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Happie Nuts is a gal fashion magazine published monthly in Japan by Inforest Publishing. Targeted at women in their late teens and early 20s, Happie Nuts is highly oriented toward the style of onee-gal ("o-neh-san gal", lit. "older-sister gal") and dark-skin.


Happie Nuts was first published in November 2004 as the successor to Happie, a fashion magazine targeted at female teenagers. Happie Nuts spawned its special edition, Koakuma & Nuts, in October 2005, which later grew to be Koakuma Ageha as one of the highest-selling fashion magazines in Japan.


Its exclusive models are called "Nuts Mates", which have included Ena Matsumoto, Sayoko Ozaki, Akane Satomi, Sayaka Taniguchi, Miyu Ishima, Saki Nanba, Eriko Tachiya, Shizuka Takeda, Hiromi, Akane Suda, and Nicole Abe.

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