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Hime (姫) is one of the many sub-styles of Gyaru fashion. The name means 'Princess Gal' which perfectly describes the style. Hime gyaru is often linked to Lolita although the styles are very different.

The focus of this style is very much being cute and innocent, creating the 'princess' element of the style. There are a lot of soft colours, as well as big hair and very decorative nails and accessories.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Large beehive-style hair, often with curls
  • Hair is often bleached blonde or dyed brown
  • Long nails, often with heavy deco
  • Lots of pink and white clothing
  • Sweet patterns like flowers or gingham
  • Makeup is very classic gyaru, with a focus on eyes and soft lip colours
  • Heavy deco on accessories such as cell phones
  • Lots of lace and bows
  • Oversized hair accessories are very common

Modern Examples[]


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Hair still remains big in general but more and more gals are seen with long curls down without the beehive. In addition to this development in hairstyles, black and dark brown hair colours are seen more often than they used to.

There are a number of brands that are still immensely popular with hime gyaru, such as LIZ LISA, JESUS DIAMANTE, and Princess Melody.