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Himekaji, (sometimes written as Hime-Kaji) meaning 'Casual Princess', is a sub-style of Gyaru. It is the casual alternative to Himegyaru and a style that requires less upkeep. The style itself is very similar to that of Roma Gyaru but has its own key differences, including more lace and pink being the most consistent colour used in co-ords.

The style itself is often lumped together under the Himegyaru style, but it can be considered its own style. That being said, Himekaji is often worn by many Himegyaru on occasions they wish to go for a more casual and comfortable look.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Hair is often bleached blonde or lighter shades of brown
  • Hair is curled, and can be long or short. Often worn down
  • The most prominent colour is pink, and most outfits will always feature something pink
  • Clothes are comfortably but flattering
  • Less accessories than Himegyaru
  • Nails are long but not as often decorated, and if they are, it is not excessive
  • Like Himegyaru, Liz Lisa is a big brand for Himekaji
  • Roses and hearts are common patterns

Modern Himekaji[]

Just like this styles big sister, Himegyaru, Himekaji remains fairly popular today. This is both as its own style and when attatched as an additional part of Himegyaru. This is because current Himegyaru will wear Himekaji at times, but also because of the higher level of access there is with Himekaji for new gyaru looking for styles to get into. The style, very much like Himegyaru, remains very true to its origins and has not shifted much in terms of the clothing choices or patterns.