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Kogal or Kogyaru (コギャル) is a sub-style of Gyaru fashion. This style is particularly aimed around younger ages and relates mostly to young girls in high school. Kogal is one of the core gyaru fashion sub-styles and is the origin of many modern gyaru styles.

The look of a kogal is inspired by the idea of a sun-tanned California Valley Girl, and due to this Kogal incorporates a solid base tan as well as bleached blonde hair. Kogals derived their own set of slang terms known as 'Kogalese' which was used by many different gyaru back at the surfacing of the gyaru style.

The term Kogal's etymology is disputed. The most common theory is that it was derived from the Japanese word for "high school", kōtō gakkō (高等学校), or kōkō (高校) for short, although others claim that it comes from ko (子), the Japanese word for "girl" or "child".


  • Tans range from light to medium/dark
  • Hair is often bleached, ranging from medium brown to bright bleach blonde
  • Leg warmers are worn, usually white
  • Kogals are usually seen in their school uniforms as the style is derived from high school girls, however when out of uniform their clothes tend to be of usual Gyaru-Kei style or derived from one of the many gyaru sub-styles
  • Hair can be straight or curly, long or short
  • Nails are often long, sometimes decorated
  • Accessories such as cell phones are usually decorated

Modern Kogal[]


The kogal style originated as a style for girls in high school and to this day remains as such. The style can still be seen worn by gals in Japan, although when not in school they often have a different sub-style of gyaru they have preference to. It isn't entirely uncommon for gyaru to wear school uniform out of school to emulate the kogal style however, especially for older gals who are no longer in school.