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Kuro Gyaru (黒ギャル; Black-skinned gal) is a sub-style of Gyaru fashion. The name originates from the dark tans worn by Kuro Gyaru. The style has graduated from the original Ganguro style and is considered one of the more prominent modern gyaru styles.

Black Diamond, a highly popular Gyaru Circle, is mostly made up of members who follow the Kuro Gyaru style and even some members who wear Yamanba and Manba styles associate themselves as Kuro Gyaru.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Big hair is often seen, straight or curly. Sujimori hairstyles are common.
  • Hair colours are often bleached various shades of blonde or brown, and unnatural colours are seen such as pink, blue, green, etc.
  • Furry legwarmers are often worn
  • Brands include DIA and GALEO
  • Nails are long and highly decorated
  • Leopard print and fur (faux and real) is often seen
  • Tans are medium to dark, and many Kuro Gyaru tan several times a week

Modern Kuro Gyaru[]


Kuro Gyaru is one of the more popular styles of Gyaru today and is still worn by many gals, especially those in Japan. Black Diamond claim that part of their goal of 'world domination' they wish to turn all girls in the world into Kuro Gyaru particularly. The style, whilst popular, remains slightly inaccessible to some for its high level of upkeep and the cost of staying up to date with trends and tanning consistently.