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An example of Manba

Manba (マンバ) is one of the many sub-styles of Gyaru fashion. It is, alongside Yamanba, a style that developed from the original Ganguro style of gyaru.

Manba is pretty much identical from Yamanba with a few small key differences. The most obvious difference is that where Yamanba wear white eyemakeup above their eye, Manba gyaru will wear white eye makeup both above and below. However the line between Yamanba and Manba gyaru is very blurred and the two styles coexist with one another as almost one.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Heavy white makeup around eyes, on nose and around lips
  • Hair is often bleached blonde, or dyed unnatural colours
  • Long nails, often with heavy deco
  • Bright colourful clothing
  • Stickers and decorations on the face as a part of makeup
  • Heavy deco on accessories such as cell phones

Modern Manba[]


Just as Yamanba, Manba is widely considered to be a dead gyaru style but this is not entirely true. Just like with Yamanba, there are still Gyaru who wear Manba, and particularly the style can be seen alive and well within the Gal-Unit Black Diamond.

The style itself has not evolved massively, and still retains the bright hair colours, heavy makeup and bright clothes. The focus does tend to be more on the hair, makeup and accessories than the clothing however, and the style, just as Yamanba, can be mixed with other Gyaru styles in terms of clothing and still remain true to the style.