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Mode (モード) is a sub-style of Gyaru fashion. Mode is the Japanese word for 'high fashion' (similar to the French word mode). Mode Gyaru focuses on sleek lines, interesting cuts, bold patterns, conforming to or changing the body shape to make dramatic silhouettes. The style came into the limelight around 2009-2010.

Popular Mode brands include EMODA and MURUA. Similarly to Agejo, this is a style of gyaru that tends to be favoured by older gyaru, however this style can be worn well into someone's 30s whilst still being able to retain a gyaru style. The style is very classy and very appropriate for all types of life, such as working, dining, going out and casual arrangements.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Skin tone can vary from pale to medium tanned (natural looking tan)
  • Black and white clothing often worn, occasionally subtle colour is worked in
  • Heels are most common as footwear, or heeled boots
  • Hairstyles are very toned down and sleek, opting for tied back styles, straight or short styles.
  • Brand names are common
  • Makeup is generally quite simple, occasionally smokey
  • Skirts and dresses are staples of the style
  • Nails are usually simple French manicure or toned down colours
  • No deco or bright colours

Modern Mode[]


Mode is a very common style for older gyaru who have evolved from their previous gyaru style, but is not as common as a 'first style' for younger gyaru. There is a very fine line with this style from when it goes from gyaru and when it falls out of the gyaru category, and has become very much about personal opinion as to whether somebody who wears Mode gyaru is actually gyaru at all.

Mode, although not a style that has entirely died out, is not as popular now as other sub styles of gyaru.