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Onee (お姉ギャル; Older Sister Gal) and is a sub-style of Gyaru fashion. The style is characterised by being a more mature, developed style of gyaru, often a style that once-kogals evolve into.

One key element of Onee-gyaru is its focus on brands and brand-names, and is a style regarded for gyaru with a lot of disposable income and a passion for flaunting labels.

It can be said that onee-gyaru is similar to Agejo in as much as they are both sexier, more mature gyaru styles. However, onee-gyaru does not have such a heavy focus on sex appeal, nor does it have lingerie on show.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Hair colour is bleached to blonde, or dyed red or brown
  • Heavy focus on brand names
  • Very classic Gyaru makeup, sometimes heavy around the eye makeup
  • Hair styles are more subtle than most gyaru styles, long and straight or curly are common styles
  • Leopard print is a common pattern
  • Deco nails are common but more subtle than the deco nails in other styles
  • Light to medium tan

Modern Oneegyaru[]

Datura style Romper.jpg

Onee-gyaru is still a reasonably popular gyaru style. The trends of this style are often very in keeping with the seasonal trends set by the brands that are flaunted.

Tans are not as much of a focus as they were and hair is often very meticulously styled.

As Onee-gyaru is a gyaru style often seen in older women (in gyaru terms), such as mid twenties to early thirties, many gyaru who wore other, more extreme styles of gyaru, have progressed onto onee-gyaru. It is also a style of gyaru commonly worn by wealthy Mama Gyaru.