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Ora Ora (オラオラ), also known as Ora Ora Kei, is a sub-style of Gyaru fashion. The style is a tougher style of gyaru that focuses on black clothes, and being rebellious.

Ora Ora can be seen in magazines such as Soul Sister, and Soul Japan. It sometimes includes yakuza-styled tattoos, and high brand accessories. Ora Ora Kei is a continuation of yankii culture with the addition of Onii-kei gyaru styling.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Black/dark clothing
  • Caps are often worn
  • Tracksuits, tees and hoodies are common staples
  • Relaxed hairstyles, with shaved heads not uncommon
  • Hair colours vary from black to blonde
  • A lot of heavy focus on eye makeup
  • Lips tend to be nude, and cheeks are more often orange or brown than pink

Modern Ora Ora Gyaru[]

Ora Ora is not often seen in modern gyaru trends and is mostly an inactive gyaru style, although there are still some gyaru who practice the style.