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Popteen (ポップティーン Poppu Tin?) is a monthly teenage fashion magazine published by the Kadokawa Haruki Corporation in Japan. The first issue was published on October 1, 1980 by Kadokawa Shoten. Later issues were published by Asuka Shinsha who bought the magazine for 200 million yen . In 1994 the magazine was bought by the Kadokawa Haruki Corporation for 600 million yen, and has since become its flagship publication.


Popteen is one of Asia's top fashion magazines. The magazine is published in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, and has launched a web presence in the United States.

Models & Style[]

Both Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumiko Funayama have been featured on the cover 19 times, Hamasaki first appearing in 2000 and Funayama in 2008. Other artists who have appeared on the cover include Kumi Koda and Namie Amuro, as well as US artists like Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Fergie, and Gwen Stefani. The magazine is famous for including 'doku-moderu' (読者モデル) where the readers of Popteen are able to become models in the magazine. It is also notable for its coverage of Gyaru fashions. One of the most popular Popteen models is Tsubasa Masuwaka, who in December 2007 married male fashion model Naoki Umeda. She announced on her blog that she had graduated from Popteen and that the February 2008 issue would be her last.


In April 2010 Popteen's older sister" magazine PopSister was officially launched.

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