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Rokku (ロック; Rock) is a sub-style of Gyaru, which incorporates elements of rock, and visual kei.

This is one of the gyaru styles that does not require a tan, and is noticeably different from the standard styles of gyaru for the dramatic change in colour scheme, opting for blacks and dark colours over loud bright prints.

The style takes much of its inspiration from the broad range of alternative fashion found alongside alternative music, making the style a very broad style and allowing for a lot of variation and creativity.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Hair colour can be absolutely any colour
  • Makeup focuses on heavy dark eyes or smokey eyes
  • Dark lipsticks are common
  • Chokers and cross necklaces are staple accessories
  • Lots of crosses, studs, leather and rips in clothing
  • Tattoos and piercings are common

Modern Rokku[]

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Rokku is one of the more popular styles of gyaru in current day, and is seen on both gyaru in japan and gaijin gyaru.

The style has remained very true to its origins, with makeup seeing more precision on eyeliner and detail overall.

Prints, colours and trends in the style are still very much the same as it was during the earlier 2000s.