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Romanba was a short-lived sub-style of gyaru. It originates from the Manba style, with the 'Ro' standing for Romantic.

Often (incorrectly) referred to as 'Lolita Gal', the only similarities this style holds with Lolita is the lace and accessories.

The style was invented by the egg model Ka-Tan and didn't really take off in a big way like other styles, hence why the style is so short lived. Romanba can be considered a mesh of Himegyaru and Manba.

The style has a huge feminine focus and features a lot of soft tones and pink is usually the key colour, including the hair colour.

Style Characteristics[]

  • Heavy white makeup around eyes, on nose and around lips
  • Hair is often bleached blonde or pink
  • Long nails, often with heavy deco
  • Lots of pink clothing
  • Lace on clothing and accessories is common
  • Stickers on face are usually pink flowers or hearts

Modern Romanba[]

Tumblr mb4wdpRvkD1r1mrcno1 500.jpg

The style of Romanba is considered completely dead at the current time, as even during its invention, the style did not take off very well. However with the popularity of lolita and hime gyaru fashion, there is still a chance that this style may be revived in the future depending on how the way of gyaru goes.