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Hello & welcome to The Gyaru Wikia, the home for all things gyaru! This wikipedia is a community built effort to try and bring you as much information on gyaru and gyaru-related materials as possible.

This is intended as a space for everyone to learn about Gyaru, whether you're new to the style, a veteran Gal, or just a big fan of the fashion and lifestyle!

Contributors[edit | edit source]

This Wiki is run by Tanukibones and is currently being updated as often as possible. We are currently looking for as many contributors as possible, and all are welcome to add pages, edit existing pages and review content.

Rules[edit | edit source]

If you are interested in contributing to The Gyaru Wiki, there are just a few small rules we ask you to abide by:

  • Please credit all material as appropiate where possible. Source quotes, text, pictures, etc.
  • Please keep a neutral opinion when posting. No biased posts or language, please!
  • Please only post the facts. Fact checking is essential and we like to avoid posting rumours.

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